Teaching About his Life

Teaching About the Life of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

by Dr. Joanna Nair for PestalozziWorld

These Teaching Ideas:


  • Are based on either the full version of ‘Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi – An Outline of His Life and Work’ or on the Pestalozzi biography ‘The life of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi or on ‘Glimpses of Pestalozzi’.  All of these materials are available on the JHPestalozzi.org website

  • Either use games to teach the factual information about Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi’s life, or use drama techniques and drawing to teach and learn about Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi’s life in an experiential way, providing students with personalised experience of his character and basic beliefs

  • Can be adapted in order to introduce, reinforce, revise or assess material

  • Include ideas for use with a variety of levels of students but each idea can be adapted for use with any level or with mixed ability 

A guide on how to use these teaching ideas is available here.

Scrambled Words (Elementary)


Scramblegram (Elementary to Intermediate)


Year Search (Elementary to Intermediate)


Word Search (Intermediate to Advanced)


Crossword (Advanced)


Find the Phrase (Intermediate to Advanced)


Board Game (Elementary to Intermediate)


Bingo (Advanced)


The Life of Pestalozzi Mapped (Elementary to Intermediate) 


Alphabet Exercises (Elementary to Intermediate)


Pass the Ball (Elementary to Intermediate)


Pass the Pestalozzi Parcel (Elementary to Intermediate)


Musical Double Wheel (Intermediate to Advanced)


The Pestalozzi House (Elementary to Intermediate)


The Pestalozzi Tree (Elementary to Intermediate) 


Role-Play (Intermediate to Advanced)


In the Hot Seat (Intermediate to Advanced)


A Pestalozzi Timeline (Intermediate to Advanced)


Extension Role-Play (Intermediate to Advanced)


Freeze Frame (Intermediate to Advanced)


Writing in Role  (Intermediate to Advanced)


Journalism (Intermediate to Advanced)


Reactions out of Role (Intermediate to Advanced)


Tableaux, Statues or Still Images (Intermediate to Advanced) 


Voicing Thoughts (Intermediate to Advanced)


The Biography of Pestalozzi: ‘The Life of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi’ as a Play (Intermediate to Advanced)


A Play about Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi and His Educational Approach (Intermediate to Advanced) 


A Pestalozzi Cartoon Biography (Intermediate to Advanced)

An Outline of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi's Life

A brief summary timeline of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi's Life

The Life of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi - A Biography for Children