Pestalozzi’s Influence and Relevance Today

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Pestalozzi’s Influence and Relevance Today

by Dr. Joanna Nair for PestalozziWorld

Although largely unidentified, Pestalozzi’s approach has had massive influence on education, indeed probably greater influence than any other individual’s approach has had.  

Pestalozzi’s influence over the spirit, the methods and the theory of education has continued into the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and most of his principles have been assimilated into the modern system of education.

The following documents provide summaries of how this influence first spread and of how it continues to spread:

Pestalozzi’s Early Influence in Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain

Pestalozzi’s Early Influence in England, Ireland and Scotland

Pestalozzi’s Influence in America

Pestalozzi’s Continuing Influence

Pestalozzi’s Increasing Relevance Today


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