Pestalozzi World

Children’s abilities are equally distributed across the globe, but opportunity isn’t. In areas where poverty is prevalent, gender and caste discrimination, disease, poor schooling and the pressure to work often limit children’s opportunities to learn. Your support enables Pestalozzi World to select the brightest children – at least two girls for each boy, house them in nurturing residential villages, and provide them with exceptional pastoral care and the education their potential deserves. 

Beyond the classroom (Head), our Scholars learn how to care for themselves and for others (Heart), and are provided with the practical skills they need to succeed in life (Hands). Our Alumni are becoming a new generation of teachers, health professionals, entrepreneurs and development practitioners-leaders and change-makers equipped with all the tools they need to improve the future of their communities forever.

An Outline of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi's Life

A brief summary timeline of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi's Life

The Life of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi - A Biography for Children